Brighter Than The Sun!

What does it take to be a professional electrician? Anyone, given time and a good teacher, can learn the skills. What you can’t teach is a drive to help people through service. At Coolidge Corner Electricians, that’s what we do. The reason we’re open 24/7 is because we don’t want any member of our community to have to deal with a partial power outage or a circuit breaker replacement on their own. Let us take care of you—if you’re having electrical wiring issues or any other similar problems, call us first.

Our Services

Having tons of power strips and extension cords plugged in around your home is a major fire hazard; if you’re looking for more places to plug things in, call us for outlet installation. We also install light switches, if you’re tired of having to walk across your bedroom in the dark after turning your light off, and want to be able to do so from your bed. We do light fixture installation, including cabinet lights, chandeliers, and many more. Time for an electrical panel upgrade? We’ve got you covered.

Business Hours

From Monday all the way to Sunday, we literally never close. Call any time!

Service Area

Call us if you live in Brookline or Norfolk County.